Expectations and Cancellation policy

if you chose Option A: 1-on-1 Zoom Sessions and Option B: Small Group Zoom Sessions (5 students) I expect you to choose your own schedule and commit to it. If you aren’t coming for the class, I expect that you inform me 24 hours before the class. 


After you choose a day and time that works for you, I will invite you to regularly scheduled Zoom meetings with the Calendly app.  You must show up for the class on time. I understand that you have other duties and responsibilities, so if you give me 24-hour notice, I will send you a link to reschedule your lesson. You can reschedule two times within each month without penalty. If you cancel/reschedule more than two times within the month, you will be charged for the next cancellation and we will schedule the missed class in the next month.


By way of explanation, After you agree with my policy and requirements, you will make the payment and be registered. You will be given 8 links to book 8 sessions throughout the month. The payment you make is for a set period of time and it expires. You are allowed to cancel and rebook only two classes within each month. For example, if you cancel the two times you are allowed, you ought  to rebook the two days you missed within the same month and not after the expiry date.

and other example,  If you make payment on the 20th of a month, the deal will expire on the 20th of the next month. At that time, you have to make another payment to continue the course. 

If you are away from the course for more than a week without sufficient notice, it means you missed all those classes. You are allowed to rebook only two days of the week you missed the class. If you miss more than a week, it would be the same. You will be allowed to rebook only two classes. However, if you missed many classes and you come back after your deal has expired, you are allowed to rebook only two classes from the whole month.