My vision is to be a global leader in providing a personalized, digitally connected, and immersive study of the Soomaali language and culture.


My mission is to preserve and promote the Soomaali language. I am dedicated to educating Soomaali youth and young adults in achieving excellence in Soomaali language, culture, and history. I aspire to assisting them in acquiring the knowledge necessary to understand their heritage. My aim is to help them realise and appreciate the richness & significance of the Soomaali language, their identity, and obtain knowledge that they will pass on to the next generation. My aspiration is to frame their confidence and self-respect based on their identity, culture, and history as Soomaali. My incredible team will strive to uplift Soomaali people through authentic studies of their mother’s tongue (afka hooyo)


1.     I highly value respect as it is the framework and basis of the entire existence of Soomaalinimo

2.     I genuinely care about the diversity of each Soomaali student’s perspective and journey to understanding and using their language and history.

3.     I value honesty when engaging and studying subjects regarding Soomaali affairs in a non-partisan manner, to the best of our ability. 

4.     Ultimately, my dedication lies in promoting the unity of the Soomaali people.